10th Congress of Medical Polonia in Gdansk

On May 29 – June 1, 2019, the 10th Congress of Medical Polonia, combined with the 3rd Congress of Polish Physicians, took place in Gdansk. The program of the Congress was filled with numerous scientific, educational and integrative events as well as conferences related to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the professional self-government of physicians.

As part of the Congress, the Public Health Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences organized a scientific session entitled ‘Changes in the health system in Poland in 1989-2019. Coherent sequence or sequence of cases?’. During the session, the plenary lecture was delivered by prof. Cezary Włodarczyk, and the comments by two foreign experts: Jerzy Leppert (Vasteras, Uppsala, Sweden) and Andriy Yagensky (Lutsk, Lviv, Ukraine). The session was summed up with a presentation by prof. Tomasz Zdrojewski entitled ‘The medical raison d’etat in Poland is…’.


Published: 5 June 2019


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