Conference ‘Prevention and public health. Patient awareness, responsibility and safety’

On February 28, 2019 in Gdansk, as part of the TOGETHER FOR HEALTH debate, the 5th conference entitled ‘Prevention and public health. Patient awareness, responsibility and safety’ was held. The subject of the conference concerned such issues as:

  • Effectiveness of treatment and patient safety (both in terms of qualitative records, accreditation and the system of monitoring adverse events)
  • Public health problems, especially the expectations and challenges that it faces
  • Safety from the perspective of patients and the rights and obligations of patients (based on new recommendations and guidelines)

In the session entitled ‘Public health – challenges and solutions’, which was moderated by prof. Tomasz Zdrojewski (Chairman of the Public Health Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences) and dr Grzegorz Juszczyk (Head of the NIZP-PZH), four papers were presented:

  • How to increase the life expectancy in Poland? – dr Piotr Bandosz (GUM)
  • Effective interventions for key issues for public health – prof. Tomasz Zdrojewski (Public Health Committee PAS, GUM)
  • Financing and the structure of public health in Poland – dividing or combining? – dr Grzegorz Juszczyk (NIZP-PZH)
  • A new vision of the State Sanitary Inspection – dr hab. Jarosław Pinkas (GIS)

The panel discussion was attented by representatives of: the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the government of the Republic of Poland, the parliament, the State Sanitary Inspection, scientific institutes, Employers of the Republic of Poland and the local government, as well as health care organizers, management experts, representatives of patient organizations and public health specialists.

The result of the meeting was the joint development of recommendations, which are currently under consultation.

ANNEX: Recommendations

Published: 5 March 2019


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